How to do Kettlebell exercises without hurting your wrists

picture: oleksboiko (stock struggle) Forearm or wrist bruising is a common problem when starting out with water bells, but it doesn’t have to be that way. People who are able to kidnap after kidnapping without stopping be Not Simply used for pain. They simply have They learned how to do this movement without hitting themselves … Read more

Six exercises to charge up your Pickleball

Americans are obsessed with blended ball. This humble hybrid of tennis, table tennis and badminton is among the The fastest growing sport In the United States, 4.8 million people now play, according to the Sports and Fitness Industry Association. Pickleball is a low-impact, social alternative to tennis, says Julie Johnson, one of the The highest … Read more

Better bones, stronger muscles, a happier heart – the benefits of exercise in old age are huge

aging. It’s something many Australians fear. Things that were once easy may not be so anymore, appearances change and the body works differently – but it’s not all bad. The aging process cannot be stopped, but physical activity can bring a range of benefits as people age. According to Pazit Levinger, principal investigator at the … Read more

16 easy exercises that can improve your posture

have you ever laxity In the textures department? Thanks to smartphones, iPads, and more, many of us spend our days with our necks staring at our devices. Working from home has also caused complications, which experts affectionately refer to as “epidemiological situation. “ Explained Trista Zen, coach and founder of Coreset Fitness. The best way … Read more

3 best resistance exercises anywhere

Sometimes the little things pack a surprising punch. This pretty much sums up resistance exercises. color coded, portable equipment It used to be the underappreciated tool in the gym, often reserved for the physical therapist or the older crowd. This is not the case today. Resistance bands have made a serious impact on fitness enthusiasts … Read more