How did I survive my summer vacation

Editor’s Note: Star Tribune Opinion publishes a mixture of national and local themes Comments Online and in print every day. To contribute, click over here. ••• I was off work for most of July this summer while I was suffering from acute heart failure and by far the most serious medical crisis of my life. … Read more

Woman heading for prenatal check-up killed in California accident | Health, medicine and fitness

By Stephanie Dazio – The Associated Press Los Angeles (AFP) – A pregnant woman died along with her young son and three others in a speeding car crash on her way to an antenatal doctor’s appointment, her sister said Friday. Shasina Kerr said on GoFundMe that Thursday’s incident killed Asheri Ryan, her 11-month-old son Alonzo … Read more

CT rapid contrast bleaching distinguishes adrenal adenomas from non-adenomas [Classics Series]

This study summary is an excerpt from the book 2 Minute Medicine’s The Classics in Medicine: Summaries of Historical Trials 1. The average percentage of contrast bleaching on computed tomography (CT) was significantly greater for adenomas than for non-adenomas in all late scans. 2. Delayed computed tomography distinguished adenomas from non-adenomas with high sensitivity and … Read more

Steelers and WR Diontae Johnson agree 3-year deal | Health, medicine and fitness

AP LAtrobe, Pennsylvania (AP) – Deontay Johnson has watched the vast receiver market explode during the holiday season. The dollar amounts were so staggering that it was impossible for Johnson to ignore them when he entered contract negotiations with the Pittsburgh Steelers. “You see the numbers,” Johnson said. “But I didn’t try to look into … Read more

The Great Resignation and Cyber ​​Security: How to Protect Your Organization in Times of High Employee Turnover

High turnover has become the norm as great resignations wreak havoc on organizations across industries. Although this is not the first challenge that comes to mind amid high turnover, your cybersecurity can be seriously compromised as employees leave. Protect your organization’s assets by enhancing cyber security due diligence with data breach precautions. The global pandemic … Read more