Latter-day Saints and the famous British conservative envision a fast for the planet

For Robert Reese, a writer, editor, and eco-activist at Latter-day Saint in Northern California, the challenges of climate change are formidable and fascinating. And, he wondered, what would a handful of devout believers do to address them? Then Reese came up with a simple idea: He thought of how the “Sunday Express”—the practice of members … Read more

Exhibited! The International Space Station tests living things and materials in space – parabola

The MISSE Flight Facility is on the outside of the space station. (Credits: NASA) HOUSTON (NASA PR) – Space may seem empty, but it has extreme temperatures, high levels of background radiation, minute meteors, and unfiltered sun glare. In addition, the materials and equipment on the outside of International Space Station They are exposed to … Read more

Genius 100, Planet 9 Opus 3 collaborator, celebrates Martoret, Batygin and the Miami Symphony Orchestra

G100 Visionary, Dr. Konstantin Batygin G100 Visionary, Maestro Eduardo Martoret of the Miami Symphony Orchestra The Genius 100 Foundation is an active active community of global leaders focused on social impact with a proven track record of achieving the “impossible” That is the magic of the Genius 100 Foundation. We always look beyond what exists … Read more

The Tonga volcano sent enough water into the atmosphere to temporarily warm the planet

The eruption of the undersea volcano Hengja Tonga-Hung Hapai earlier this year sent so much water vapor into the atmosphere that it likely temporarily warmed the Earth’s surface, according to observations by a NASA satellite. This temporary point will not greatly affect the climate of our planet, but it shows how huge the volcanic eruption … Read more