Strong Force Strength – It accounts for 99% of the normal mass in the universe

The new experiments sharpen a previously unmeasured area of ​​strong force coupling, a quantity that supports theories that account for 99 percent of the normal mass in the universe. Thomas Jefferson National Laboratory experiments focused on a previously unmeasured region of strong force coupling, a quantity that supports theories that account for 99% of the … Read more

AI helps discover new space aberrations

Credit: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain The SNAD team, an international network of researchers including Matvey Kornilov, assistant professor in the School of Physics at HSE University, discovered 11 previously undiscovered space anomalies, seven of which are supernova candidates. The researchers analyzed digital images of the northern sky taken in 2018 using the kD tree to detect … Read more

No dark matter halos

Image: dwarf galaxy NGC1427A flies through the Fornax Cluster of galaxies and undergoes turbulence that would not have been possible if this galaxy were surrounded by a heavy, stretching dark matter halo, as required by standard cosmology. Opinion more Credit: ESO Dwarf galaxies are small, faint galaxies that can usually be found in galaxy clusters … Read more

The neutron star “Black Widow” devoured its companion, becoming the heaviest thing found so far

Zoom / A rotating neutron star periodically oscillates in radio (green) and gamma ray (purple) radiation after ERT. The Black Widow pulsar heats the side facing its partner star to temperatures twice the surface temperature of the Sun and slowly evaporates. NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center Astronomers have identified the heaviest neutron star known to … Read more

Finally, physicists have measured a theoretically long molecule made of light and matter

Physicists have just discovered light acting on the “glue” part between atoms, in a kind of unbound molecule. “For the first time we have succeeded in polarizing several atoms together in a controlled manner, creating a measurable attractive force between them,” Says University of Innsbruck physicist Matthias Sonneleitner. Atoms are linked to form molecules in … Read more