Call of the Wild: From paralyzed seagulls to skunks caught in bear traps, Peninsula wildlife rescuers have seen it all | News

Orphaned children and poisoned seagulls. Small squirrels were picked up by cats. Skunks are caught in bear traps. wild animals In trouble like this across the peninsula – if they are lucky – they will eventually find their way to one of the few wildlife rescue centers across the region. Facilities like the Peninsula Humane … Read more

Back to Landscape: Southern Oregon Alliance Moves Ahead with I-5 Wildlife Crossings

One morning in late March, Charlie Shells, an ecologist with the Bureau of Land Management, walked across a steel railroad bridge that spans Interstate 5 near the summit of Siskiyou, four and a half miles from the Oregon-California border. Pebbles crushed under his feet with the roar of an uninterrupted river of cars and trucks … Read more

Utah Temporarily Bans Targeted Shooting in 25 Wildlife Management Areas, Noting Fire Risks

Image of a targeted shooting closure notice posted outside the Utah Wildlife Management District on June 8, 2021. The Utah Department of Wildlife Resources announced Friday that it is temporarily prohibiting target shooting in 25 wildfire management areas due to wildfire risks. (Utah Department of Wildlife Resources) Estimated reading time: 3-4 minutes Salt Lake City … Read more

Wildlife rehabilitation sees an influx of raptors as Oklahoma summer temperatures soar

This summer’s scorching temperatures have had an effect not only on Oklahoma’s human population, but on its wildlife population as well. in Wild Care Oklahomaa Noble Wildlife Rehabilitation Facility, the heat has caused an influx of juvenile Mississippi kites. Mississippi kites are a bird of prey that nest in the southern United States before they … Read more

The Wyoming Game and Fish report details how $10.5 million in habitat projects benefit more than 800 wildlife species.

In the Casper region, a wildlife-friendly fence has been added in the Chalk Mountain region to help improve the movement of the pods. (Wyoming and fish game) Casper, Yu. With the help of some conservation partners, the Wyoming Department of Fish and Game invested $10.5 million in aquatic and terrestrial habitat projects in 2021. On … Read more