Jennette McCurdy says she was photographed in a bikini, considering alcohol as a child actress

Jeanette McCurdywho is best known for her role in iCarly“Reveals a new abuses I was forced to endure as a child actor.

in The New York Times Posted on Wednesday to promote her new memoir, “I’m Glad Mom Is Dead,” the outlet reported that McCurdy wrote in her book that she was once photographed in a bikini while fitting a Nickelodeon wardrobe by a scary character (whose name she did not name) who also encouraged her to drink alcohol. McCurdy was a teenager when she worked for the network.

It’s unclear whether her mother, Debra – who died in 2013 of breast cancer – was present during this particular incident, but according to the paraphrased excerpts, it’s likely she would not have intervened on her child’s behalf.

Apparently, she asked her daughter that such cases were the price of fame.

McCurdy remembers her mother telling her, “Everyone wants what you have.”

McCurdy and Ariana Grande attend the premiere of
McCurdy and Ariana Grande attend the UK premiere of “Sam & Cat” in 2013.

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This wasn’t the only abuse McCurdy suffered while on Nickelodeon. She also wrote how she was assuming she’d get her own iCarly on the network, but ended up getting a co-star slot for “Sam & Cat,” which she linked with future pop sensation Ariana Grande.

According to a profile of The Times, McCurdy wrote that Nickelodeon prevented her from accepting other job opportunities during her time on “Sam & Cat”. However, this rule does not apply to Grande.

“What finally blew me away was when Ariana came in indulging in excitement as she had spent the previous evening playing charades at Tom Hanks’ house,” McCurdy recalls in the memoir. “That was the moment I broke.” The actress also claims that after “Sam & Cat” was canceled in 2014, she turned down a $300,000 offer not to speak publicly about her time at Nickelodeon. (The network declined to comment on the Times.)

McCurdy says in her memoirs that her pursuit of acting was only to please her mother. Debra (whose parents did not want to continue acting) began auditioning for roles at the age of six. Debra seemed to display manipulative behavior when her daughter didn’t get a job.

McCurdy in 2018.
McCurdy in 2018.

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In excerpts from her memoirs published by Entertainment WeeklyAnd the McCurdy remembers sitting in a booster seat in her mother’s car after failing to book a job as a child because she was unable to cry during an audition.

McCurdy writes of mixed feelings that she felt she didn’t book the job, and she tried to express to her mother that she didn’t want to act anymore because it made her feel “uncomfortable.”

McCurdy described her mother’s face in response to her resignation as looking like she ate a lemon. It twists in a way that scares me.”

“You can’t quit smoking!” she is crying. This was our chance! McCurdy Books.

Then her mother banged her hand on the “steering wheel, where she accidentally hit the trumpet. Mascara dripping on her cheeks … Her hysteria frightens me and demands that I take care of her.”

McCurdy explains that she tried to defuse the situation by telling her mother “It’s OK” and suggesting they listen to a song her mother loved. McCurdy said that as soon as the song started playing, her mother “dizzy” started singing “after her mood changed.”

McCurdy has also been open in the past about how her mother is sexual assault to her. In an interview with People last year, McCurdy told the outlet that Debra “insisted on having vaginal and breast exams” on her until she was 17, and “never let her shower alone.”

“It was only the distance from her that allowed me to recover,” McCurdy told People magazine at the time.

McCurdy’s notes,”I’m so glad my mom passed awayIt will be available on August 9.

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