Lack of supplies could mean delays in restoring power after storms

Florida’s director of emergency management has warned that new supply chain issues could lead to delays in restoring power after a major storm. The warning comes as the coast prepares for an above-average peak Hurricane season.

Basic necessities for energy recovery are in short supply, including transformers. It usually takes three to six months to import transformers, but the delivery date is two to six years from now due to supply chain issues.

Amy Zobale, CEO of Florida Municipal Electricity Association.

FMEA represents 33 public authority communities in Florida. Utilities across the state have raised public concerns about the shortage of transformers.

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The energy pillars were left damaged after the storm

A power substation stands in the aftermath of Hurricane Ida on September 4, 2021, in Grand Isle, Louisiana. Ida made landfall as a Category 4 hurricane six days ago in Louisiana and caused flooding, wind damage and power outages along C Bay.

“As we prepare for hurricane season, we are building stock and stockpiling electrical grade components that we need Hurricane Recovery. This is separate from the normal operating supplies of materials. Al-Zabali said that the supplies in both hands may not reach the normal limit.”

FMEA hopes that energy companies can manage the mild hurricane season, but warns that restoring energy could be a challenge if the area is hit by multiple storms.

Hurricane Laura leaves nearly 700,000 without strength, officials warn recovery could take weeks

“We were expected to have an above-average number of storms. We are now at the height of hurricane season. So most storms don’t hit until August, September, October and early August, so the months will be a real indication. If we get storms Once again, we may be in a situation where we have to find out, find alternative means of supply.”

Energy companies warn that the threat extends well beyond hurricane season. This can affect the emergency management response to severe weather in general, including Forest fires and floods.

Teams working to restore power to damaged lines

A utility crew works to restore energy in the aftermath of Hurricane Ida on September 2, 2021 in Albany, Louisiana. (Shawn Rayford/Getty Images)

“It’s a problem for those who are facing wildfires right now. Flooding, if there are concerns about components being damaged and they need to be replaced. You know, it’s a comprehensive, across the sector and across the country experience to solve these issues.”

Senator Marco Rubio introduced a bill to encourage transformer production on US soil. The bill includes an $8 billion loan guarantee for local businesses to rebuild or increase the supply of electrical grid materials to help mitigate the crisis. Supply chain concerns. However, FMEA warns that this will take time to resolve the issue.


Emergency management officials are raising concerns about a shortage of transformers. (Fox News)

Hurricane Michael recorded as the strongest hurricane to cause landfall in October

In Lynn Haven, Florida, the complete devastation from the hurricane is still fresh in recent memory. after, after Hurricane Michael He blasted the area in 2018, and electricity was back within weeks. However, energy companies are now struggling with unprecedented supply chain issues.

Hurricane Michael Lane destroyed Panama City and Mexico Beach

Drone video depicting the devastation caused by Hurricane Michael in 2018. (Fox News)

Mayor Jesse Nelson said, “It was literally the worst day of their lives. October 10, 2018 is a day we will never forget. Just like the 911 that marked the history of the United States in the 21st century, October 10 marked the date here in northwest Florida.” . “As you can see behind us, our city is still rebuilding our city hall, our police station, our emergency operations center. So, for four years, our police station has been operating from trailers. Our city hall is working from trailers. We still deal with storms, and we don’t have the facilities. that we need to keep our employees protected.”


Mayor Nelson told Fox News that the shortage of transformers is worrisome. Many power companies repair or refurbish transformers used as a way to increase inventory levels.

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