Will Smith breaks silence over Will Smith’s dad slap at the Oscars: ‘I see my entire family as humans’

Will Smith recently spoke about her reaction to watching her father Will Smith slap comedian Chris Rock in the face at the 94th Academy Awards. While the incident left the audience and viewers at home dumbfounded, the 21-year-old singer did not allow her view of her father, 53, to change in any way. “I see … Read more

Thirteen Lives movie review: Outstanding Oscar nominee Ron Howard is one of the best films of the year

There is a fine line every fact-based movie needs to walk. He must decide, for example, whether he assumes the viewer is familiar with the real-life story behind it, or whether he is only aware of the highlights. Thirteen Leaves, Ron Howard’s new movie based on a (rather modern) Thai cave rescue, boldly act like … Read more