The 76 winners and losers of the 2022 NBA Free Agency | News, results, highlights, stats and rumours

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    The Philadelphia 76ers are coming up for the NBA crown.

    While this may have been true throughout Prime Joel Embiid, it seems especially relevant right now.

    Philly is coming off a semi-final run of 51 wins and a conference, and he’s still holding the ground smothered this off season. Between De’Anthony Melton’s draft night deal and agency freebies PJ Tucker and Danuel House Jr. The Sixers have added serious depth to a roster that includes one of the league’s finest talent pools.

    The Sixers should be one of the teams to watch during the 2022-23 season, but before that arrives, let’s revisit the Free Agency to find a few winners and losers.

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    James Harden’s case is unique, because most players won’t take Eight-digit haircut (Beard trimming?) and still stands out as a summer winner.

    However, market forces did not reduce the size of his deal. The 32-year-old did so on his own in an effort to improve his team’s positioning to great success after the season.

    “I told [Sixers president of basketball operations] Daryl [Morey] To improve the list, sign whoever we needed to sign and give me what’s left.” Chris Hines. “That’s how bad I want to win. I want to compete for a championship… I’m willing to take a little to put us in a position to make it happen.”

    If all goes wrong and the Sixers make a championship, Harden’s legacy can get a huge boost from his sacrifice.

    Plus, he should be as comfortable as ever with his former teammates – and massive supplements on the ground – Tucker and House stand by his side. Philly needed to bolster his defense around his perimeter, and not only did previous Rockets attackers provide that, they could also enjoy the pick-and-shoot shots Harden routinely creates with deliveries of driving and kicking.

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    Paul Millsap was once a shining example of consistency and reliability. However, the aging curve catches up with everyone at some point, and that may be what we’re seeing with the 37-year-old.

    His 2021-22 campaign was the quietest of his career. He only scored 376 minutes in 33 matches, which was easy on a personal level. His shooting rates dropped (39.1 overall, 22.9 out of range), and he was unable to play a significant role with the Brooklyn Nets or after being included in the Harden-Ben Simmons swap, with the Sixers as well.

    Millsap hasn’t found a new contract yet, and at this point, it’s fair to wonder if that call will come through.

    His decline didn’t last long – he played 1,162 minutes and had an above-average player efficiency rating in 2020-21, each basketball reference—But that may not matter. If the NBA decides this is the remake of Millsap, it can also conclude that he no longer has a place in it.

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    Free agency always figured out treating PJ Tucker well.

    It has provided an almost universal appeal to the now-paying shoppers. Who doesn’t need a versatile, highly reliable defender who just made the best 41.5 percent of his threes?

    However, Tucker may have surprised himself with how successful free agency was. Three-year deal worth $33 million each Spotracis a good tally for anyone, not to mention the 37-year-old who hasn’t averaged a double-digit point average.

    Oh, and the contract contains the player’s option, so if he’s already outperforming his salary rate, he can even find a salary increase for that year.

    Financially, it’s a great setup, and the basketball fit looks even better. He’s already proven to fit a Harden like a tailored suit, and Tucker can really dig defensively knowing he has an inner strength like the Embiid behind him.

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